ANNT - A New Nigeria Token

No force on earth can stop whose time has come!

ANNT is an experimental deflationary token to explore the unlimited potential of blockchain technology, and decentralisation in a functional Nigeria.


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Welcome to ANNT - A New Nigeria Token, a Nigerian themed crypto project!
Our project is inspired by the coconut head generation and the current wave of the
inevitable revolution in the country, as the upcoming election promises a youth-motivated, fresh
government. One that will break away from the old order and pave the way for a new era of growth and
Our project is an experimental deflationary token on the Binance Smart Chain, designed to promote
financial inclusion and decentralisation in Nigeria. With a total supply of 63 million ANNT and a
minimum total supply of 23 million, our token symbolises the hope and potential of
Nigeria as it celebrates its 63rd year of independence, in a revolutionary year in the history of our
dear country.
At the core of our project is a belief in the power of blockchain technology to democratise finance and
create a more equitable and transparent economy. We believe that by harnessing the power of
decentralisation, we can build a future where everyone has access to the same opportunities, regardless
of their background or social status.
As the journey progresses, our team will consist of diverse group of individuals from different
backgrounds, united by a shared passion for blockchain technology and a desire to make a positive impact
in Nigeria.
We are committed to building a community around our project and welcome all those who share our vision
to join us on this journey.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our project, please do not hesitate to
reach out to us. We look forward to working with you to build a brighter future for Nigeria.


Our project, ANNT (A New Nigeria Token) is driven by a clear and ambitious motive - to empower the
citizens of Nigeria by providing them with access to a decentralised and transparent economy through the
use of blockchain technology.
We believe that the current financial system in Nigeria is in dire need of disruption, as it is riddled
with inefficiencies, lack of transparency, corruption with impunity and exclusion of large segments of
the population.
Our goal is to provide a viable alternative that addresses these issues and enables greater financial
inclusion for all Nigerians.
To that effect, we have chosen Binance Smart Chain, a high-performance blockchain network that allows
for fast and low-cost transactions, which is key to the future goals of this project
With ANNT, we aim to promote the use of cryptocurrency in Nigeria and encourage the adoption of
blockchain technology for various use cases. Imaagine tracking our typical road construction contracts
on the blockchain.
Our project is not just about creating a new token, it is about creating a new future for Nigeria. We
believe that with ANNT, we can help to build a more equitable, transparent, and decentralised economy
that benefits every Nigerian.


At ANNT, our vision is to create a new, decentralised economy in Nigeria that is inclusive, transparent,
and empowering for all citizens, especially those that have been at the receiving end of the ineptitudes
of successive government, since independence.
We envision a future where citizens of Nigeria have access to a decentralised and transparent economy
through the use of blockchain technology. ANNT will be at the forefront of this change, providing a
secure, fast, and low-cost means of storing and transferring value.
We also see ANNT as a catalyst for economic growth and development in Nigeria, by facilitating the
creation of new businesses and industries built on blockchain technology. We believe that the adoption
of ANNT and blockchain technology will lead to the creation of new job opportunities and the growth of
the Nigerian economy.
In addition, we see ANNT as a powerful tool for promoting social and economic justice in Nigeria. By
providing citizens with a new means of storing and transferring value, we believe that ANNT can help to
reduce poverty and inequality and promote greater financial inclusion for all.
Overall, our vision for ANNT is to empower the citizens of Nigeria to take control of their financial
future and build a more prosperous life for themselves and a future for their unborn generation.
Ultimately, to end the vicious circle of poverty, one family at a time. We are committed to making this
vision a reality, and we look forward to working with you to achieve it.


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At ANNT, we believe that a community-driven approach is essential for the success and long-term growth
of our project. We are committed to building a strong and active community around ANNT and welcome all
individuals, regardless of their background or experience, to get involved and share their ideas and
suggestions with us. At intervals, we will also be running crypto education in tandem.
We understand that the success of our project is dependent on the engagement and support of our
community. That is why we are dedicated to fostering an open, transparent and inclusive environment where
all members can participate and contribute to the growth and development of the ANNT ecosystem.
One of the ways we plan to involve the community is by using a portion of our charity fee to support those in
need, especially community members. We believe that by giving back to the community, we can create a
positive impact and promote social and economic justice.
As the project grows, we are committed to finding new use cases for ANNT that will drive its value and
On attaining the minimum total supply, we will work closely with the community to identify new
opportunities and develop innovative solutions that will benefit all members of the ecosystem and
effectively, the value of ANNT.
We believe that by working together, we can truly create a decentralized economy that is inclusive,
transparent, and empowering for all citizens of Nigeria. We are excited to embark on this journey and
look forward to building a strong and vibrant community around ANNT.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or ideas you may have. We welcome all
members of the community to get involved and contribute to the growth and success of the ANNT project.
Also, if you would like to be on the team in due time, do not hesitate to email us your CV (Must be Nigerian).
Recruitment announcement will be on our website when due. Thank you.

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